Beloved Playa Mujeres: Paradise is waiting

My new favorite trip of all time came in the form of my honeymoon. Not only was it a joyful occasion getting to celebrate my wife and I’s marriage, but we sure got spoiled in Cancun, Mexico at the Beloved Playa Mujeres. Beloved is part of the Excellence Collection, which has resorts all over MexicoContinue reading “Beloved Playa Mujeres: Paradise is waiting”

You can like ‘The Batman’ and still want to Restore the Snyderverse

You wouldn’t believe it if you went onto Twitter, but it is indeed possible to like Matt Reeve’s ‘The Batman,’ and want to restore Zack Snyder’s “Snyderverse.” I just saw ‘The Batman,’ starring Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz, for the second time today in theaters. It’s a beautiful investigative movie where Robert and Zoe reallyContinue reading “You can like ‘The Batman’ and still want to Restore the Snyderverse”

I’m going to be a father. What in the world?!

Holy cow, Batman! You’re gonna be a dad! 2022’s been a heck of a year. Got COVID on day 2, found out we’re having a baby 1 week later. When people ask me how I felt when my wife Rachel told me, I never really know what to say. Stating I was excited is true.Continue reading “I’m going to be a father. What in the world?!”

‘Reacher’ review: The Amazon Prime show to watch right now

Most of the headlines regarding Prime Video have to deal with the Lord of the Ring series (The Rings of Power) premiering in September 2022. While I am also very excited for this show, there’s a really great series on Amazon Prime Video RIGHT NOW that both action and crime show fans should check out.Continue reading “‘Reacher’ review: The Amazon Prime show to watch right now”

‘Ghosts of War’ review: Underrated horror film with compelling story

I first became a fan of actor Brenton Thwaites’ work from DC Titans. I worked with Warner Bros. 7 cast & crew interviews where I interview Brenton twice. So when I saw a film pop up on my Netflix titled ‘Ghosts of War’ and he starred in it, I decided to check it out. ItContinue reading “‘Ghosts of War’ review: Underrated horror film with compelling story”

Warner Bros. Announces ‘Elvis,’ drops trailer

I expected a snowstorm to hit Illinois today, but what I DIDN’T expect was a movie about Elvis to be made. Luckily for me, I received an email just before noon attached with the plot, background info, and a never seen before trailer. Starring Austin Butler as Elvis, the film follows his career and theContinue reading “Warner Bros. Announces ‘Elvis,’ drops trailer”

2022: The year of DC

For years, DC has been dominated in the cinemas by Marvel. Fans fell in love with characters on TV shows, but it seemed the movies continued to fall short. Marvel established a wide fan base that went further than just comic book readers and superhero lovers. It mastered the combination of action and comedy thatContinue reading “2022: The year of DC”

Peacemaker renewed for Season 2; let’s go!

It comes as no surprise that Peacemaker, starring John Cena and directed by Creator James Gunn, has been renewed for Season 2. The heart behind the comedic-driven show is what really wrapped me into it. It took me a few episodes to really connect with the story, but once I did, I was hooked. It’sContinue reading “Peacemaker renewed for Season 2; let’s go!”

Visit the beautiful, quiet town of Cuchara, Colorado

Nestled in one of the southernmost counties of Colorado lays the town of Cuchara. With just a few hundred people who actually live there, the town thrives off tourism and the beautiful nature all around it. My family has come to Cuchara for generations. My father tells me stories about when his parents would takeContinue reading “Visit the beautiful, quiet town of Cuchara, Colorado”

‘The Dinner Party’ movie review: Fun, unpredictable chaos ensues over dinner

Something I’ve been told lately by professionals in the media industry is to be “unpredictable.” This is one of the highlights of ‘The Dinner Party,’ directed by Jenna Ushkowitz and written by Penelope Lawson. The film is centered around a dinner table, just like your usual family gathering. Except your family is crazy. Not justContinue reading “‘The Dinner Party’ movie review: Fun, unpredictable chaos ensues over dinner”