Top things to do in Chillicothe this weekend

If you’re sick and tired of the cold weather, and last week’s snow storm had you begging for spring, let’s list out a couple of the top things to do in Chillicothe this weekend. First, you’ve got the Eagle Watch Breakfast. Chillicothe leaders have been working to revitalize eagle watching by the Illinois River. OneContinue reading “Top things to do in Chillicothe this weekend”

Star Wars: Filoni, Favreau are giving us the best SW content we’ve seen in years

Since the prequels were released, the Star Wars fan base has been divided. So it’s no surprised the Sequel trilogy only fanned those flames. This time, prequel & original trilogy fans were bashing on Disney’s latest attempt to revive the Star Wars universe. Complaints about Rey’s origin story, the return of Palpatine, and a lackContinue reading “Star Wars: Filoni, Favreau are giving us the best SW content we’ve seen in years”

Archive 81 Review: Please give us Season 2… and 3!

Netflix came out swinging in 2022. One of the trippiest, creepy, and mesmerizing shows debuted called Archive 81. You follow Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie) on one whirlwind of a journey. Turner restores video tapes for a living, and is contracted by a very large company (LMG) to work from a hidden campus outside of NewContinue reading “Archive 81 Review: Please give us Season 2… and 3!”

Prison Break Review: Bring on Season 6!

Cliffhangers, contingencies, and captivating. That’s an alliteration I never thought I’d write. But then I watched Prison Break. Starring Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, and Sarah Wayne Callies, Prison Break is anchored in the story of two brothers, Michael Scofield (Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Purcell). Burrows becomes the pawn in a murder-for-hire set up in Chicago,Continue reading “Prison Break Review: Bring on Season 6!”

Cobra Kai, Ozark actor Dustin Lewis exclusive interview

From Canton, Illinois to screens across the globe, Dustin Lewis has landed roles in some of your favorite shows. He plays Mr. Palmer in Cobra Kai and was also in Ozark season 2 He got his story in theater while in Fulton County. Now he lives in George owning a real estate business and auditioningContinue reading “Cobra Kai, Ozark actor Dustin Lewis exclusive interview”

Sometimes the worst movies can make the best nights

Mom and dad need a date night. Luckily for them, two of their daughters’ favorite people live ten minutes away.  Cue Aunt Rachel and Unky Matt for babysitting duties.  Now, the time has come. The candy and popcorn you bought for them at Christmas is about to show it’s true colors. There’s no turning back,Continue reading “Sometimes the worst movies can make the best nights”

The Unexpected, Magical story of ‘I Met a Girl’

You don’t need Hollywood or New York City to make an amazing movie. You need a compelling story, a vibrant vision from the directorial team, and a cast who can really sell the story. That’s what you’ll find in Luke Eve’s I Met a Girl. Starring Brenton Thwaites, Joel Jackson, and Lily Sullivan, I MetContinue reading “The Unexpected, Magical story of ‘I Met a Girl’”

The beautiful message from Disney’s Encanto

Family. There’s not another topic in the film world that can match up to the story of family. Disney’s Encanto was a perfect example of that. But Encanto took a different take on family than what we’re used to, all while staying true to the message Disney has shared all along. Our families aren’t perfect.Continue reading “The beautiful message from Disney’s Encanto”

DC Titans Coverage

Sheehan secured numerous cast interviews for HBO Max’s DC Titans. You can hear from Brenton Thwaites (Nightwing), Curran Walters (Jason Todd/Red Hood), Joshua Orpin (Superboy), Jay Lycurgo (Tim Drake), Damaris Lewis (Blackfire) and showrunner Greg Walker.

Spend a day in beautiful Roatan, Honduras

5 years later and I’m still thinking about Roatan, Honduras. From private beach, to snorkeling in a coral reef, to tasting iguana! Roatan was a day I was looking forward to, but I didn’t realize it would have made this kind of impact. I was glad to write an article for Mike Wittry, the RoatanContinue reading “Spend a day in beautiful Roatan, Honduras”