Biggest recent home sales on Hilton Head Island

(HILTON HEAD ISLAND , SC) — While Hilton Head Island was only first incorporated as a town in 1983, it has clearly become a must-see destination for tourists around the world. It was first sighted 350 years ago by William Hilton, an English explorer. “Over the centuries, Hilton Head Island’s natural beauty, spectacular seascapes, exceptionalContinue reading “Biggest recent home sales on Hilton Head Island”

Explore Holland, Michigan: The perfect family vacation

One of my favorite getaways is Western Michigan. My family has history in the State, dating back to when my great-grandparents lived in Traverse City. Now, we’ve made our own memories all across Pure Michigan. Recently, my wife and I took a babymoon to Holland. This is the perfect spot for a 4-7 day vacation.Continue reading “Explore Holland, Michigan: The perfect family vacation”

The magic of Estes Park, why you need to travel here

It’s one of those “get to know you” questions. “Beaches or mountains?” My answer is “both.” While I love the beaches of Florida and South Carolina, that’s nothing like being in the mountains of Colorado. Specifically, Estes Park. As a kid, my family and I traveled to Estes Park fairly often. We’d all pack upContinue reading “The magic of Estes Park, why you need to travel here”

Top things to do in Chillicothe this weekend

If you’re sick and tired of the cold weather, and last week’s snow storm had you begging for spring, let’s list out a couple of the top things to do in Chillicothe this weekend. First, you’ve got the Eagle Watch Breakfast. Chillicothe leaders have been working to revitalize eagle watching by the Illinois River. OneContinue reading “Top things to do in Chillicothe this weekend”