The Perfect Summer Drink Just Dropped: Sprecher’s Tropical Cherry!

(MILWAUKEE, WI.) — Wisconsin is known for a vast array of beer, and Sprecher Brewery is a large part of that. But while I do love Sprecher’s alcoholic beverages, there’s something they have that many breweries don’t. Introducing the Soda Lab! And the brand new Sprecher soda flavor: Tropical Cherry. Each time I’ve been upContinue reading “The Perfect Summer Drink Just Dropped: Sprecher’s Tropical Cherry!”

From Prime Rib to Fried Strawberries! Suite Fire has it all

(PEORIA, Ill.) — It’s not everyday you see a popular hotel chain and think “Man, I really wanna stop by their restaurant!” Well, I hope this article makes you think twice on that. Many central Illinoisans know about the Holiday Inn & Suites at Grand Prairie on N. Orange Prairie Rd. But next time youContinue reading “From Prime Rib to Fried Strawberries! Suite Fire has it all”

Rib Report KC-Style: Q39 Barbecue!

(OVERLAND PARK, KS) — If you’re a barbecue connoisseur like me, you need to make your way to Kansas City! I’ve enjoyed KC BBQ now three different times, and I’ve loved it every time. In 2017, we had Joe’s. In 2022, it was Jack Stack. This year? We headed to Q39 (Overland Park location). Let’sContinue reading “Rib Report KC-Style: Q39 Barbecue!”

Illinois Wine Tour: Water’s Edge Winery & Bistro

(PEORIA HEIGHTS, Ill.) — One of my go-to places on a weekend or when I have friends in town is Peoria Heights. Specifically, Heritage Square! In this area, you have any kind of food and drink option you’d need; plus it’s walkable! One of the newer tenants of Heritage Square is Water’s Edge Winery &Continue reading “Illinois Wine Tour: Water’s Edge Winery & Bistro”

Central Illinois Rib Report: BC BBQ!

(PEKIN, Ill.) — It was a rainy & dreary day, which called for some good ole barbecue. Tonight’s Rib Report took me to Pekin, Illinois to check out BC BBQ on 14th Street. I like the outside vibe of the place. Feels like an old gas station meets a saloon. The service was very friendly,Continue reading “Central Illinois Rib Report: BC BBQ!”

Central Illinois Rib Report: Whitey’s BBQ/Crusen 29

(CREVE COEUR, Ill.) — It’s never a bad day for some barbecue, especially when it’s as phenomenal as Whitey’s BBQ at Crusens Rt 29. As we get into the meaty spread we were served, I want to give a huge shoutout to Mike White, the owner/founder, for his hospitality. We loved our time at Whitey’sContinue reading “Central Illinois Rib Report: Whitey’s BBQ/Crusen 29”

Central Illinois BBQ Rib Report: Brickhouse BBQ, Burgers & Brews!

(WASHINGTON, Ill.) — At any barbecue restaurant, I go straight to my tried & true barbecue ribs. I don’t have an exact number of the amount of ribs I’ve eaten over the years, but I’d imagine it’s inching near 1,000 at this point! So I’m setting out on the Central Illinois Rib Report! Let’s startContinue reading “Central Illinois BBQ Rib Report: Brickhouse BBQ, Burgers & Brews!”

Why St. Louis is not a ‘dying city’

Too many times I’ve heard people tell me “St. Louis is a dying city.” Nearly every time it’s by people who have never even been there, or who have only passed through. So I want you to hear it from someone born and raised in STL of what the city has to offer. Historic Sports:Continue reading “Why St. Louis is not a ‘dying city’”