The return of Albert Pujols: A dream come to life

The City of St. Louis has had some tough losses when it comes to break-ups in sports. In 2011, just after winning a World Series with the Cardinals, superstar Albert Pujols announces he’s heading to California. Can you blame him? $240 million over 10 years with the Angels. But his team in sunny California didn’tContinue reading “The return of Albert Pujols: A dream come to life”

Why St. Louis is not a ‘dying city’

Too many times I’ve heard people tell me “St. Louis is a dying city.” Nearly every time it’s by people who have never even been there, or who have only passed through. So I want you to hear it from someone born and raised in STL of what the city has to offer. Historic Sports:Continue reading “Why St. Louis is not a ‘dying city’”