Rib Report KC-Style: Q39 Barbecue!

(OVERLAND PARK, KS) — If you’re a barbecue connoisseur like me, you need to make your way to Kansas City!

I’ve enjoyed KC BBQ now three different times, and I’ve loved it every time. In 2017, we had Joe’s. In 2022, it was Jack Stack. This year? We headed to Q39 (Overland Park location). Let’s dive in!

Well, this is the Rib Report. So of course I had to get ribs! You’re probably experiencing “smellivision” right now. The Q Pork Spare Ribs are glazed in a honey BBQ sauce. Honestly, you don’t even need additional sauce on these bad boys. That’s when you know it’s THAT good! Of course I had to go with the French fries which were highly recommended by the waitress, and they were incredible. Great size and perfectly crispy. The other item you see is the pasta salad. I ordered this solely so my wife could enjoy it. When the wife sees something on a menu and says she wants it, you better make sure she gets it! Let’s take a look at what else she ordered.

These are the Pork Belly Tacos, covered in spicy mayo and southwest slaw. If you know my food preferences, you know my two “no-gos” are tomatoes and onions. So I steered clear of this one. But she loved it!

Another honorable mention to my favorite item on the menu, are the “Best Wings on the Planet.” There’s something to that name. They just might be right about their assertion! The jumbo chicken wings are smothered in chipotle BBQ sauce, which ended up being my favorite sauce Q39 has to offer.

Another appetizer we ordered for the table were the Q39 spiced onion straws! I know I just said I don’t do onions… but these are fried! Anything is good fried, right? Especially dipped in a tasty sauce.

If you just can’t decide what you want for dinner, why settle for one? Check out the platter options. I’ll share some photos below.

And if you’re not the hugest barbecue fan, you can always go with a good ole’ burger. Served with some mac n cheese as a side.

Oh, speaking of mac n cheese… just wait for these next food item.

Introducing the Mac & Q. A simple idea that goes a long away. 5-cheese blend mac n cheese with with herbed bread crumbs, topped with a meat of your choosing. My friend chose brisket. Smart choice.

Have you ever been to Q39 before? If so, comment on this post or contact me on Facebook at Matt Sheehan TV.

This blog was done on the author’s free time and has no connection to his employer.


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