Illinois Wine Tour: Water’s Edge Winery & Bistro

(PEORIA HEIGHTS, Ill.) — One of my go-to places on a weekend or when I have friends in town is Peoria Heights. Specifically, Heritage Square!

In this area, you have any kind of food and drink option you’d need; plus it’s walkable!

One of the newer tenants of Heritage Square is Water’s Edge Winery & Bistro. And yes, it’s as good as it sounds!


As many of you who have been following the wine tour may know, I tend to go for the sweeter wines. My palate is slowly changing to enjoy the drier wines, but here I started with the Moscato d’Asti. If you’re a sweet wine lover and you see those two words on a menu, there’s a 99% chance you’re going to enjoy it greatly.

Next, I didn’t move too far away on the menu. I chose the Mango Moscato! My wife, Rachel, tried this out and really enjoyed it. And I second that notion! This was easily my favorite drink of the night.


Something I really appreciate about Water’s Edge is the high-quality food choices offered. They’re always offering specials, 4-course meals, etc. You can see what nights they have these specials on their Facebook page. I have it linked here!

Here we are cheersing our Moscatos with our friends’ glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon. They enjoy the drier wines, which there are multiple to choose from here!


You can never leave out dessert. We got the monkey bread, and it was delicious. Baked bread covered with caramel sauce, powdered sugar, and ice cream! Yum.

I have to shoutout Michael Vandy, the Owner of Water’s Edge. He was kind enough to sit down and just talk with us about life. He then offered to take us into the wine batch room and tell us all about the process! It was great to hear about the wine-making experience and hear what Water’s Edge has coming soon. For those who frequent Water’s Edge, you may be fond of the Big Daddy Red. It’s currently being made and will be back at Water’s Edge soon! This is a smoother blend that wine lovers of all kind will enjoy. Stay tuned on the Facebook page for when it’s ready.

We had a wonderful time at Water’s Edge, just like I have every time I’ve been here. The wine is great, the food is wonderful, and I really love the vibe. Water’s Edge is a franchise. Mike told us when he joined, there were 9 craft wineries in the franchise. Now, there’s 20! It all originated in Southern California.

If you’d like to learn more about Mike’s background, WMBD-TV did a story about him. Here’s the link.

Thanks, Mike for having us by! If you love Water’s Edge or choose to go here because of this article, please let me know! Comment on the blog and follow my Facebook at Matt Sheehan TV.

This article was done on the author’s free time and has no connection to his employer.


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