The Unexpected, Magical story of ‘I Met a Girl’

You don’t need Hollywood or New York City to make an amazing movie.

You need a compelling story, a vibrant vision from the directorial team, and a cast who can really sell the story. That’s what you’ll find in Luke Eve’s I Met a Girl.

Starring Brenton Thwaites, Joel Jackson, and Lily Sullivan, I Met a Girl takes you on a magical cross-country road trip all in the search for love.

Thwaites shines in this film, playing a man with schizophrenia named Devon. When I interviewed Thwaites in April 2021, he told me he met with mental health groups about how to play a man with schizophrenia well, and respectfully.

You can view that interview here.

In this film, you follow Devon through a journey filled with hallucinations, heartbreak, and heartwarming moments.

I watched the movie on Amazon Prime Video (twice) when it first came out. Now it is available to rent or buy on the streaming service, and last I heard it was available to stream on Netflix in the UK.

After votes were compiled for the film on IMDB, I Met a Girl was given a 6/10.

But I’d have to agree with the viewers on Amazon Prime Video and give it a 4.5/5.0 or a 9/10. Give it a try! It might not be your mainstream Marvel film or the latest hit comedy, but I’d bet that you’ll come away from the movie feeling like you watched something meaningful.

Read Brenton and I’s whole article here!


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