The beautiful message from Disney’s Encanto

Family. There’s not another topic in the film world that can match up to the story of family.

Disney’s Encanto was a perfect example of that. But Encanto took a different take on family than what we’re used to, all while staying true to the message Disney has shared all along.

Our families aren’t perfect. Sometimes, more than we’d like to admit.

It was a breath of fresh air to see Mirabel fight for the Family Madrigal (cue catchy song at the beginning of the movie). Her story, like many other Disney characters, starts off with her not having special powers like her family. She’s an underdog. But she doesn’t act like one. She holds her head high and loves her family all the same.

Disney Animation Studios Production Supervisor, Nick Ellingsworth, says the film is so successful because it resonates with everyone.

“You can pick a topic or character and find something you relate to,” Ellingsworth said. “It’s universally resonating right now.”

Ellingsworth has worked at Disney for over 10 years. He was a part of Moana, Wreck It Ralph, Frozen 2, Big Hero 6, and many more.

Ellingsworth said the film also dives into self-worth.

“How much do we know about our families? How much do our families know about us? Then there are all those questions about self-worth. Am I worth enough? Am I worth what I contribute? Am I only worth what I contribute?” Ellingsworth said.

These lines have stuck with me the last few days. “Am I only worth what I contribute?” That’s something most people don’t think of.

Society seems to measure your success by what you do. Your prestige, your salary, how many projects you land. But this movie says forget all that, you can save the world just by being you.

Be adventurous, take chances, and stand up for your family even when no one else seems to care. Even the strongest people need love and support.

Encanto is a beautiful movie filled with catchy songs, a colorful world, and a great story of family. “We Dont’ Talk About Bruno” is one of Billboard’s top hits right now, but don’t count out “Family Madrigal” and “Surface Pressure.”

If you’d like to watch the full interview with Ellingsworth and I, click here!


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