Exclusive interview: Shark Side of the Moon Writer Ryan Ebert

“Cheesy. Fun. Sharksonthemoon.“ That’s Shark Side of the Moon writer Ryan Ebert’s three words to describe his new film on Fox’s free streaming service, Tubi. I was able to interview Ebert about this project after watching the film this past weekend. I hope you enjoy our conversation! Sheehan: Nearly everyone has heard of Sharknado. Two-partContinue reading “Exclusive interview: Shark Side of the Moon Writer Ryan Ebert”

Interview: Nightwing cosplayer Masked Mateo

Nightwing/Dick Grayson is one of fans’ favorite comic book characters. Whether it’s the slick suit, the wittiness and mischievous attitude, or the acrobatic stunts, fans have all kinds of reasons why they love him. About 9 months ago I interviewed DC Titans’ Nightwing/Dick Grayson, Brenton Thwaites. I’ll link the YouTube video below! Brenton Thwaites/Matt SheehanContinue reading “Interview: Nightwing cosplayer Masked Mateo”

Warner Bros. Announces ‘Elvis,’ drops trailer

I expected a snowstorm to hit Illinois today, but what I DIDN’T expect was a movie about Elvis to be made. Luckily for me, I received an email just before noon attached with the plot, background info, and a never seen before trailer. Starring Austin Butler as Elvis, the film follows his career and theContinue reading “Warner Bros. Announces ‘Elvis,’ drops trailer”

Funny, heart-warming rom-com ‘Marry Me’ premieres in theaters, Peacock

Well folks it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, and with that comes the “need” to watch some sort of romantic comedy. My wife and I saw ‘Redeeming Love’ in theaters a couple of months ago, and one of the previews that popped up on the big screen was for Jennifer Lopez & Owen Wilson’s newest movie, ‘MarryContinue reading “Funny, heart-warming rom-com ‘Marry Me’ premieres in theaters, Peacock”

Sometimes the worst movies can make the best nights

Mom and dad need a date night. Luckily for them, two of their daughters’ favorite people live ten minutes away.  Cue Aunt Rachel and Unky Matt for babysitting duties.  Now, the time has come. The candy and popcorn you bought for them at Christmas is about to show it’s true colors. There’s no turning back,Continue reading “Sometimes the worst movies can make the best nights”