The Perfect Summer Drink Just Dropped: Sprecher’s Tropical Cherry!

(MILWAUKEE, WI.) — Wisconsin is known for a vast array of beer, and Sprecher Brewery is a large part of that.

But while I do love Sprecher’s alcoholic beverages, there’s something they have that many breweries don’t.

Introducing the Soda Lab! And the brand new Sprecher soda flavor: Tropical Cherry.


Each time I’ve been up to Milwaukee, I make sure to stop by Sprecher for a brewery tour, a stop at the bar, and of course some time to pick up my favorites from the gift shop.

This past March, Sprecher decided to get in on the action surrounding March Madness. Online and through social media, the brewery made a bracket of all different kinds of potential flavors they could whip in the Soda Lab. From Chocolate Cola to Thin Mint to Tropical Cherry, the flavors were all over the map! But I had my eyes set on one the entire challenge. The Tropical Cherry.


And although my NCAA March Madness bracket was a bust just like everyone else’s, my pick throughout the challenge won! Now I’m working alongside Sprecher to taste test this tropical concoction, and tell you all about it!

First and foremost: If you’re looking for a summer drink, you’ve found it! The Tropical Cherry is extremely refreshing. It’s sweet, but packs a lot of flavor while still remaining light and drinkable. It has plenty of carbonation and is extremely unique in flavor. I’ve been trying to pinpoint what the flavor reminds me of, and I can’t really think of anything! That’s a good sign in my opinion.

This is the perfect soda to drink around the pool, on the beach, or while watching sports at home. Whatever the occasion, I highly recommend trying the Tropical Cherry!

But you’ll need to get yours fast! The product is expected to sell out quickly. They’re currently only selling the Tropical Cherry in the Sprecher Taproom!

Been thinking about a weekend trip? How about Milwaukee? You can find Sprecher Brewery at 701 W Glendale Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53209.

Right now the Brewery is dong a Friday family date night for 4. It’s $30 + gratuity for 4 drink tokens, one huge MKE pretzel, and one 12″ pizza. Just another way to sweeten the deal for ya.

So cheers to you all. Enjoy this flavorful drink while supplies last. Please let me know what you think!

Find me on Facebook at Matt Sheehan TV.

Thank you to Sprecher Brewery for sending me this delicious drink, I look forward to trying more of your flavors when we visit your brewery next month! Cheers to the future.

This article was done on the author’s spare time and has no connection to his employer.


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