Central Illinois Rib Report: Whitey’s BBQ/Crusen 29

(CREVE COEUR, Ill.) — It’s never a bad day for some barbecue, especially when it’s as phenomenal as Whitey’s BBQ at Crusens Rt 29.

As we get into the meaty spread we were served, I want to give a huge shoutout to Mike White, the owner/founder, for his hospitality. We loved our time at Whitey’s and can’t wait to be back, and bring our friends and family!

Now, this is the BBQ Rib Report ain’t it? So let’s dive right in!

I’ll tell you what, these ribs were so good they don’t even need to have BBQ sauce spread on them. The perfect amount of sweet & smokey (which in my opinion is the near definition of St. Louis style BBQ), with a great amount of meat on the bones. I always try my ribs without sauce at first, and these were incredible!

Let me just say, I am not a fan of cole slaw. But Whitey’s cole slaw was delicious! It had a mayo-based consistency with a sweet flavor to it. My wife and I were both very impressed!

When Mike asked if we wanted to try some wings, I asked for his recommendation. He said the Honey Sriracha wings were the ones to go for. And he was RIGHT! The perfect amount of kick to some wings. Crispy, perfectly dressed with sauce, you can’t go wrong!

Let’s not forget about the tots! My wife said, and I quote, “These tater tots are crisp to perfection.” She also wanted me to note that she is a “self-proclaimed tot snob.” Haha.

If ribs aren’t your thing, hit up the 3 meat combo. We got burnt ends, pulled pork, and brisket! I have to be honest, these might have been the best burnt ends I’ve ever had in my life. And that’s not to take away from the deliciousness of the pulled pork & brisket. You can’t go wrong here!


You’ll also enjoy some moist corn bread. And yes, I said moist. Because I believe that corn bread a lot of times can be dry, and this wasn’t! My wife and I aren’t the hugest corn bread fans, but we are a fan of the corn bread at Whitey’s! And lastly is the baked beans! The recipe calls for a lot of brown sugar, which we love!

The picture above is just a man in Heaven, surrounded by delicious food.


“Whitey” told me the food he serves in his restaurant is the same food he wins barbecue contests with. Wonder how many competitions he’s won? Just look at the amount of trophies he has below.

“Whitey” is the only person in the world who knows the recipe to his BBQ sauce. He told us that his grandmother created the recipe, and passed it along to him when she passed away. He has two big ole’ smokers outside the restaurant which are charcoal grills that he grills with.


I wanted to share the pictures of Whitey’s menu, both back and front, so you all could see what else they have to offer.

Whitey’s is located at 1007 N Main St, Creve Coeur, IL 61610. They offer dine-in, curbside pickup, and no-contact delivery.

Thank you, Mike, for being such a great host! We can’t wait to come back.


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Matt Sheehan is a journalist based in Illinois. He grew up in St. Louis and went to college at Missouri State University. He's the host of On the Record, and secures exclusive interviews with celebrities for his TV morning show.

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