Central Illinois BBQ Rib Report: Brickhouse BBQ, Burgers & Brews!

(WASHINGTON, Ill.) — At any barbecue restaurant, I go straight to my tried & true barbecue ribs.

I don’t have an exact number of the amount of ribs I’ve eaten over the years, but I’d imagine it’s inching near 1,000 at this point! So I’m setting out on the Central Illinois Rib Report!

Let’s start in Washington where you’ll find Brickhouse BBQ, Burgers, and Brews!

I was first introduced to Brickhouse roughly 2 years ago to the day! My wife Rachel (at the time girlfriend) and I were enjoying a Valentine’s Day Weekend in Central Illinois. We were dating long-distance so she’d come up some weekends to Peoria and we’d explore the town. I’d plan date nights, adventures, you name it! What a time.

Brickhouse caught my eye, because during COVID they were offering outdoor tents for visitors to sit in and eat. This was a way to appease the COVID protocols and offer guests a fun time.

Since then, I’ve been back a handful of times, and have enjoyed my meal every time. So let’s dig in!

First, we’re starting with my classic BBQ rib meal alongside some tasty fries and green beans for the sides.

I always speak very highly of Brickhouse’s ribs. They’re meaty, seasoned well, and paired great with the sauces they offer. To the next photo we go!

I would LOVE to see some more sauces at Brickhouse. Maybe we can meet over a 1/2 rack + a beer and discuss another sauce, but that’s a tale for another night! But the ones they do have are solid. I enjoy the Sweet and Tangy. Those go great with the ribs and burnt ends (which I’ll get to next). My party REALLY enjoyed the Spicy Smoked Sriracha though! So try all 3.

Now… to my favorite thing on the menu. The burnt ends. Always tender, always delicious. Pairs wonderfully with the different sauces, but GREAT just by itself! If I had one thing to recommend at Brickhouse, the burnt ends is it.

You’ll have to check if they’re still offering the scrumptious Chocolate-covered Strawberry milkshake since it’s after Valentine’s. And yes, I said scrumptious.

This gives me happy memories to the date night with Rachel back when we came here on our date two years ago. So of course I had to get it again this year!

Now we’ve got this big fella taking over our lives. The greatest gift on God’s green earth. Bennett tried to convince daddy to let him try his ribs, but I said ‘Not yet, son! Not yet!’ His mother and I have plans to let him try BBQ ribs for his 1st birthday…

HONORABLE MENTIONS: But of course, maybe you’re not a rib fanatic like me! So let’s give you some other options.

1: BBQ chicken meal — My dad had this and LOVED it. Gotta love some sweet potato fries. And don’t sleep on the green beans! Very tasty. See the photo below.

2: Burgers — Well, it’s in the name! Rachel tends to go towards the burgers at Brickhouse and she always enjoys them. Check out the chips they come with. SO good! I believe in the background is a photo of one of the other Valentine’s Day cocktails that my friend Chris got.

3: Last, but not least. PINEAPPLE HABANERO CHICKEN WINGS! Man, these were good! But MAN! Were they hot! I only had 1, but I loved it. This was the table favorite that night. Have water on deck if you’re taking these on!

I’d like to thank Brickhouse for being such welcoming hosts and allowing us to enjoy our time at your establishment.

You can find Brickhouse at 1021 N Cummings Ln, Washington, IL 61571.

Want to see the full menu? Click here!

This article was done on the author’s free time & has no connection to his employer.


Published by mattsheehanofficial

Matt Sheehan is a journalist based in Illinois. He grew up in St. Louis and went to college at Missouri State University. He's the host of On the Record, and secures exclusive interviews with celebrities for his TV morning show.

2 thoughts on “Central Illinois BBQ Rib Report: Brickhouse BBQ, Burgers & Brews!

  1. Nice article Matt. I love the Brickhouse and we try to get there once a week. The Brickhouse is where I ran into you and Rachel one busy night awhile back. I’m looking forward to hearing about other rib places because ribs are my favorite as well.


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