ElectroBrew: Hydrating coffee ready to transform the sports world

(Peoria, Ill.) — People around the world struggle with maintaining a healthy balance between coffee intake and staying hydrated.

Statistics show roughly 75% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis, but studies show 50% of coffee consumers aren’t “adequately hydrating,” according to ElectroBrew.

So that’s where the Peoria-based startup coffee business steps in.

“ElectroBrew uses a proprietary formula to infuse coffee with electrolytes, allowing ElectroBrew sippers to achieve proper hydration while still enjoying the great taste they expect from good, quality coffee,” the company’s owners tell me.

“Coffee causes an electrolyte imbalance. Coffee drinkers and performance seekers feel more productive with a strong cup of Joe, but the dehydrating effects of coffee present as many downsides as benefits,” the website reads. “We set out to change that. By adding hydrating properties to the energy boosting ritual of coffee, we at ElectroBrew have created a solution to overcome the barriers to coffee consumption so athletes, performance enthusiasts, and health conscious consumers can have their coffee and stay hydrated, too. As athletes, we have experienced the positive results of a carefully developed hydrating coffee. We understand just how many people could appreciate waking up ready to conquer the world every morning.”


But you don’t just have to be an athlete to enjoy ElectroBrew. Proper hydration is important for everyone.

But no, coffee is not for babies. This photo was just too cute not to share!

You can get a Medium or Dark Roast of ElectroBrew. They even have a membership if you’d like to get it shipped to you each month. Find out how to get your monthly membership by clicking here.

If you like to shop in-person and would rather buy it that way, you can find the hydrating coffee in some central Illinois shops.

The coffee above is available at RC Outfitters in Peoria, Illinois. The address is 311 Southwest Water Street, Peoria, IL 61602.

Other local shops are at Preckshot Pharmacy (5832 Knoxville Ave Suite E, Peoria, IL 61614), Bushwacker (5728 Knoxville Ave, Peoria, IL 61614), and Lindy’s Downtown Market in Washington (110 Peoria St, Washington, IL 61571).


ElectroBrew was founded locally and is managed by a few central Illinoisans, Travis Weaver and Tim Anders.

Get 10% off your order of ElectroBrew online by using the password sheehan (all lower-cased).

Here’s another adorable photo of Bennett just to brighten your day.

You can find out much more about the company at ElectroBrew.com.


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Matt Sheehan is a journalist based in Illinois. He grew up in St. Louis and went to college at Missouri State University. He's the host of On the Record, and secures exclusive interviews with celebrities for his TV morning show.

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