I’m leaving TV news: Here’s what’s next

(Illinois) — It wasn’t an easy decision to leave TV news.

Many times I’ve sat there, wondering if this is the right move. The sentence that pops in my mind every single time is “the right decision at the right time.” I believe that.

It’s been an incredible nearly 5 years doing TV News. I started as a college intern before being offered a full-time job as a reporter/photographer, promoted to a reporter, promoted to weekend anchor, then promoted to morning anchor. For the last 2.5 years I’ve been anchoring at least 4 hours of news a day, hosting a weekly political show, and interviewing some of your favorite celebrities.

I have to give it to the viewers and people on social media who have followed the journey. They have been amazing to speak with and their support has always helped me push forward.

I’m extremely blessed to announce I am going to work for OSF HealthCare right here in Peoria. I will be the Media Relations Coordinator, mainly representing Peoria and Bloomington. I’ll continue working with the local news on stories, while also writing for the OSF Newsroom. It’s an online database of stories that the news can use for their shows.

I’m also really hoping to use my fluency in Spanish in this job. Communication is key, and I believe by communicating important, sometimes life-saving information in both English and Spanish, I can help more people throughout the State of Illinois and beyond.


I will also be a Contributor for City SC Report. Many of you know I am born and raised St. Louis, Missouri. We are getting a new MLS team this spring! The City SC Report is a fan-based website & social media platform 100% dedicated to covering St. Louis City SC. I will lead the YouTube channel and offer content on the website if needed. I hope to be at as many City SC games in-person to cover things on my social media and this website, as well!

There are many other projects and dreams I have that I believe will now be able to come to fruition. I have a sense of freedom and opportunity which has a breath of fresh air.


I thank my family, friends, viewers, and co-workers who have been such blessings to me over the years. I wish everyone the very best.

I appreciate you all for following along the journey, and I ask you to continue that! Subscribe to the website for many more stories to come, and follow me on social media!

Facebook: Matt Sheehan TV

Twitter: @mattsheehantv

Instagram: @themattsheehan

YouTube: City SC Report & Matt Sheehan TV


Published by mattsheehanofficial

Matt Sheehan is a journalist based in Illinois. He grew up in St. Louis and went to college at Missouri State University. He's the host of On the Record, and secures exclusive interviews with celebrities for his TV morning show.

3 thoughts on “I’m leaving TV news: Here’s what’s next

  1. Good luck Matt. I have enjoyed watching you and your contributions to broadcasting. Will miss seeing you daily, but will check OSF as well. God bless.


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