Central Illinois BBQ Rib Report: Dac’s Smokehouse!

(MORTON, Ill.) — On the search for amazing BBQ ribs across Central Illinois, there are a few key things I’m really looking for.

Meatiness, seasoning, and sauce (which all tie into flavor). My 2nd Rib Report at Dac’s Smokehouse in Morton, Illinois nailed all of these aspects. But before we get to the main dish, let’s start with the appetizer!

Introducing the Breaded Cauliflower Wings. I’m a huge cauliflower fan, for starters, but this is a great take on the dish. They’re tossed in Dac’s homemade Tandoori hot sauce which gives it a great kick! My wife gives these a 5/5!

Time now for the main course. The whole point of this series! A 1/2 rack of ribs! See for yourself.

From a presentation perspective, I was already impressed when the half-rack of ribs showed up to the bar at Dac’s. The meatiness was on point, and there was plenty of seasoning (but not too much!).

Diving into the ribs, I was not disappointed at all. The flavor was incredible! Served with two sides, this is the perfect entrée for any rib lover out there. I got fries & cheesy corn. If you’ve never had cheesy corn, you’re missing out! And Dac’s has some wonderful cheesy corn.

I got two sauces alongside the ribs. 1: Honey BBQ. 2: Strawberry Crush.

These were a great mix because the Honey BBQ was thicker and a bit deeper in flavor, while the Strawberry Crush was much sweeter and a little thinner.

I tend to sway towards the sweet sauces anyway, which is why I went with these sauces.

But they have tons of other flavors. Give them a try!

I enjoyed a Holla Atcha Blonde ale from White Oak Brewing in Normal. Really enjoyed it!

The service at Dac’s was very friendly and accommodating. The service was efficient and I got my food in a quick amount of time.

I was at Dac’s location in Morton. The address is 25 E Adams St, Morton, IL 61550.

This article was done on the author’s spare time and has no connection to his employer.


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Matt Sheehan is a journalist based in Illinois. He grew up in St. Louis and went to college at Missouri State University. He's the host of On the Record, and secures exclusive interviews with celebrities for his TV morning show.

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